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  All ACCESS® Limited Roll-Up Covers will ship with the following BONUS FEATURES in addition to the ACCESS® TRAILSEAL® tailgate gasket and clamps with tie down rings:

Our ACCESS® TRAILSEAL® Tailgate Gasket seals all gaps around the perimeter of the tailgate keeping dust, rain and snow out of a truck bed.$30 value.








The ACCESS™ EZ-Retriever® II cargo-reaching tool is five feet long and lets you reach deep into a truck bed to retrieve items or rearrange your cargo.$19.95 value







Our ACCESS™ Cover Care™ Cleaner has proven its ability to protect our Roll-Up Covers' vinyl from UV damage over years of use. It is the perfect cleaner for restoring a dirty tonneau cover's dark, sleek look.







An 18' Access™ AA Battery LED Light